Pete Lennon

Born in Perth, Scotland, Pete Lennon never wanted a job that involved wearing a suit. That problem was solved by hairdressing. Drawn to creative collaboration, the speed of a great shoot and the transformative power of styling, he cut his teeth working with some of the most respected international photographers: David Bailey, Karl Lagerfeld, Steven Klein. Lennon confesses a secret passion for “big sexy hair” and perhaps this is the legacy of his first major job for Victoria’s Secret. After sixteen years in New York, Lennon’s return to Sydney coincided with the rise of an experimental renaissance in both publishing and design. In the independent heart of that atmosphere Lennon has created a reputation for fashion forward styling, sensual perfection and a no-nonsense dedication to meeting the brief. “Fashion” he notes “is a democracy, on the shoot everyone knows what their job is and together the creative process relies on mutual respect and collaboration.”

The pleasure Lennon gets from his work dwells in generating a powerful original image, “If makeup enhances beauty, then hair heightens it. I think a sense of individuality makes hair modern. I love being around transformative energy and making a model feel completely beautiful, bold and confident.” Not unlike the stylist played by Warren Beatty in the film “Shampoo”, Lennon understands the sensual hedonistic power of hair. Dissolve to the model unleashing her wild glossy mane: “ Hair is as central to a fashion image as clothes: It’s tactile, it’s sensual, it’s inherently sexy and there’s no way forward without it.”



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