James Nelson

Perth born photographer James Nelson could only be described as direct. “I don’t think I’m an artist. I think I’m a problem solver.” Forging a strong style presence at Russh magazine his editorials have a tactile immediacy that makes a model palpable and the clothes very real and desirable, almost tactile. Despite shooting erotic nudes in rubber, Nelson’s look is sensual rather than shocking. For dynamic composition he credits his early experience in design and art direction for stamping his work with a bold graphic signature.

A honed sense of the unexpected seems to beat beneath his work: “I am always looking for the surreal within the normal, that bit of off kilter beauty.” Working in film and digital, concentrating on fashion and loving a firm, strong brief, Nelson deflects the cliché of the highly strung creative with a fixed style. “I am loving the studio more and more and yet I also love a polluted sunset on a remote black sand beach.” The discipline always comes down to the moment, and for Nelson the results have a clear almost naked beauty.



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