Claire Thomson

Perfecting makeup for over fifteen years, Claire Thomson is aware of the inherent contradictions of contemporary fashion. One day she is working in neon colour and the next, she is stripping a beautiful face back to the essence of glowing bare skin. The theatrical potential of makeup is something Thomson balances against the delicate subtlety of weightless veils expertly applied. Above all her work flatters the integrity and original beauty of the individual face: “I like that bit of rawness. There is always a place for that alternative to being “done”. My work accents rather than conceals, everything begins with exquisite skin and that is one of my professional signatures.”

Working closely with performers such as Cate Blanchett, and Angus and Julia Stone, Thomson enjoys a diversity of clients that include fashion, performance, high profile runway shows and celebrity work. “I love the way making up a face can bring out unknown facets, conjour strength and ultimately release a profoundly flattering inner light of beauty. The benefit of years of experience is that my work has evolved alongside the evolution of makeup. There is incredible  technology at hand, but then  there is always the magic of working with a great team. I have been fortunate to work with brilliant photographers from the beginning and my work is deeply collaborative. It’s something I love and am always developing.”



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